BMX coaching for all ages

Our coaching caters for all abilities, taking riders from their first pedal off the start ramp to developing some of the best riders in the region.

Through the winter, we are running Saturday morning coaching sessions for Level 1 riders. Our Level 2-4 sessions are run on alternate Sundays at the National Cycling Centre. These sessions are for members only and numbers are capped at 20 riders per session. Please get in touch to register onto our booking app.

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BMX coaching Charlie Yates Head coach

CLUB coaches

Brian Barton

matt potts

Ellis grimes

coaching levels

  • Must be able to ride a bike stood up unaided.

  • Cover flat land skills required for BMX
  • Cover the basic skills to enable a rider to navigate a BMX track competently.
  • Ensure all riders can reflexively react to situations by reinforced learning.
  • Use the gate but not fully have to balance.
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  • Before attending a level 2 session, riders will need to have been signed off at level 1. Exceptions can be made for riders transferring from other Clubs or who already have level 2-3 BMX race experience.

  • Introduce riders to Club and Regional level racing requirements, race day prep and what to expect
  • Begin to introduce race skills such as cornering, pumping and proper balance and technique on the start gate
  • Ensure riders understand how to successfully navigate the track by the shortest route, know where to pedal, where to pump, manual or jump
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The transition from novice in to expert level racing

  • A level 3 or 4 coach must do a review of the rider to assess if they are ready to move up to level 3.
  • It is expected that they are racing at Regional level in novice and begin to progress towards expert level racing.
  • Must be able to balance on the gate, perform proper racing lines and have proper technique for pumping.

  • To develop more advanced race skills such as manualling and jumping
  • Develop perfect gating technique
  • Begin race day preparation for Nationals and explain expectations of the riders.
  • Develop off bike skills such as fitness training and mental focus
  • Grow and improve flat land skills in preparation for RSR and CCT

CCT (core club training) and RSR (Regional school of racing) skills criteria will be used to process our riders

50m timed sprints
  • CCT requirement – sub 8.0seconds
  • RSR requirement – sub 7.3 seconds

Bunny hop height
  • CCT requirement – min 25cm
  • RSR requirement – min 25cm

Bunny hop distance
  • CCT requirement – min 50cm
  • RSR requirement – min 1m

Flat manual distance
  • CCT requirement – min 2m
  • RSR requirement – min 6m

  • CCT requirement – min 2m
  • RSR requirement – min 6m
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Level 4 is for our top riders racing National level and above

  • Riders are selected at the Head coach’s discretion
  • Must be racing at National or making the move to National level riding
  • Be able to complete all skills required in level 3

  • Refine current skills and develop top level skills such as jump to manuals, manual hops
  • Improve on reaction times on the gate
  • Develop leg speed and power through training
  • Improve race day prep including nutrition, rest and warm ups
  • Psychological training for attitude and nerves
Level 4 Tuesday night session

Level 4 training will be conjoined with level 3 on a Saturday morning but have their own session on Tuesday nights from 18:30-20:30. This session is by invitation only for level 4 riders. Riders are selected at the Head coach’s discretion based on criteria listed below. The riders’ place is not guaranteed and they can be removed from the session if the coach believes they are not suited.

Tuesday Night Criteria
  • Must be level 4 rider and perform the skills and requirements within that level
  • Must show a high level of commitment to the training and demonstrate effort outside of training
  • The riders must be focused on their training, paying attention and carrying out tasks as instructed
  • They must be ready to start the coaching at 18:30 prompt
  • Riders must represent themselves and the Club professionally at race events

If riders do not meet the standards set by the coach they will be warned and, if needed, removed from the session. This session is exclusive to National riders giving them the opportunity to have more personal in depth coaching suited specifically to them.

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